2011 <3

This was a very important year. First one being out. I’d love to go back a year and talk with myself right now, before I opened up to see how different I was, if at all.

Funny enough, I’m just sitting here. I played Zelda all night and watched Scott Pilgrim with my boyfriend with a little wine. Not too exciting, but that’s okay, I’ve never really had a crazy one before.

And that’s just it. Really, I’m the same person as I was last year, and the year before that. I’m just more comfortable with things now. 

Here’s to a very good year! It’s only going to get better :)


Whoa. New smaller iTunes cards. mind = blown

First thought, hey they’re saving money by making the card slightly smaller than regular cards. Whoopee. It’s not like you keep it anyway. But why such a seemingly arbitrary size then? Why not smaller? 

Then I thought: “Wait hold on a second! No, it can’t.. it can’t be.. “

Yep. It’s the exact same size as the LCD on the iPod touch and iPhone. Mind = blown.